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Single part kits
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Single part kits

CTM Film offers kits allowing clients to transform existing tables purchased from other companies to be more similar to the products we offer, or to build a table tailored to their own design.





Single part resale

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Film storage container
Made from prime and inert polypropylene and designed specifically for long term storage and preservation. With regard to the competition, these Film Storage Containers reflect a sharp understanding of the causes of the ageing and the deterioration of the film acetate or nitrate. Film Storage Container are available in various size and colours, for 16mm (120m, 240m, 360m, 600m) and for 35mm (300m, 360m, 600m, 900m); also we can offer cores 16 and 35mm and stabilizers for transport.


Shrinkage gauge
The shrinkage gauge was designed, based on an earlier system, especially for laboratories and film archives as well as for everybody handling shrunken films. This instrument allows for direct reading of the percentage of shrinkage with a digital gauge. Due to the well thought out design, measuring of the actual shrinkage with absolute accuracy is easy, even without prior experience in handling of archival films. 16mm as well as 35mm film formats.

  shrinkage gauge 
 Cube light yellow 24vcc 125ma
- LED cluster in a range of colours
- Smooth multi-turn adjustment potentiometer
- 3M directional film can be installed for polarisation and light direction
- Low current consumption, 6mA at zero intensity, 125mA at max intensity
- Wall mounting plate supplied, no special installation tooling is required
- Mean Time Between Failure = 100,000 Hours
  Cubes light